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A quick overview of the Covenant system in Shadowlands

December 04 2020

In Shadowlands, each zone is equipped with one of the covenants – Kyrian, Ventyrs, Necrolords and Nigth Fae. You will get to know them during the passage of the line of the line and at the maximum level, you will be asked to join one of them, gaining access to rewards that include Covenant abilities, unique items and much more! 

What are the Covenants?

In the universe of Azeroth, the underworld exists as an infinite number of interconnected worlds under the control of one of four powerful factions:

  • Kyrian;
  • Ventyrs;
  • Necrolords;
  • Nigth Fae.

Each of these factions, known as the Covenant, have their own missions and play important roles in the smooth functioning of the afterlife mechanism.

Souls entering the Shadowlands are judged by the Arbiter, who entrusts most of them to the care of one of the Covenants. In these Covenant worlds, souls are relieved of their burdens, ordering their Anima, and taking their place in Eternity. But some souls are so black, so incapable of redeeming their deeds in life, that they are imprisoned in the Maw, a prison for souls that have fallen so deep that they do not deserve redemption.

As a mighty hero, you will enter these lands as someone who can walk in the world of the living and the worlds of the dead. Unlike the souls of the dead, you can choose the covenant that suits your preferences.

This choice will have an impact on the rest of the game, as you will work to increase your fame in the chosen covenant, build relationships with its inhabitants, and also learn the storyline. In Battle for Azeroth, you have completed one of two campaigns, depending on your faction – Horde or Alliance. In Shadowlands, you can choose from 4 campaigns – separate for each of the covenants.

Choose wisely. Joining a new covenant is easy, but returning to a covenant once abandoned will be extremely difficult.

First acquaintance

When you first get to the Shadowlands with your first 50 level character, the plot will begin with the escape of your character from the Maw. Then you alternately pass the storyline of each of the four main zones, each of which is controlled by its covenant:

  1. Bastion (Kyrian)
  2. Maldraxus (Necrolords)
  3. Ardenveld (Nigth Fae)
  4. Revendret (Ventyrs)

When you first get to the Shadowands, you have to go through the whole storyline. It originates in Bastion, takes you through Maldraxus, Ardenveld, and ends in Revendreth. Once the story is complete and the character develops to level 60, you will be given the opportunity to join one of the four covenants. You will need to do this to further develop the history of the supplement.

Covenants and alternate characters

Once you complete the story of the Shadowlands with one character, raise its level to 60 and choose the covenant, all subsequent characters will be able to join one of the Covenant at once on the 50th level. Although you will have such an opportunity, you can immediately move on to the choice of covenant, local quests  and other content of the maximum level, raising your level during these classes.
Briefly about each covenant 



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