Best Covenant for Blood Death Knight in WoW Shadowlands

December 04 2020

Choosing the right covenant is the most important decision in WoW Shadowlands. It is the covenant that will have the greatest impact on the gameplay. Changing the covenant is difficult, so make no mistake. In this article, we will tell you about the best covenants for Blood Death Knights.Let’s briefly compare all the covenants with each other, highlight the necessary conduits and advice a best medium. As short as possible – you are short on time and we appreciate it.


Best Covenant for Blood Death Knight



  1. Kyrian – well-suited for all types of content and give the greatest dps in one purpose. Best for raids;
  2. Ventyrs – strong AoE-damage and a full reserve of the strength of runes on request. Best for Mythic+;
  3. Night Fae – a good reduction in damage;
  4. Necrolords are a very niche covenant for PvE, better suited to PvP.


The best medium is Pelagos (Kyrian).




Best covenant for Blood DK

Best Potency Conduits for Blood Death Knight



  1. Proliferation Impenetrable Gloom  Brutal Grasp or  Withering Ground
  2. Withering Plague


Best Endurance Conduits for Blood Death Knight


  1. Meat Shield
  2. Hardened Bones


Best Finesse Conduits for Blood Death Knight


  1.  Spirit Drain
  2.  Chilled Resilience


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